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2019 ChABSA Symposium Exhibitor Registration

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the credit card processor for the exhibitor registration.  We apologize for this.  You can pick your table and choose pay by check.  If this kicks you out please email crab@chabsa.org what table you would like and any other options.  We will manually register you.  If you would like to pay by credit card and register as a pay by check, please email crab@chabsa.org and a link for payment will be sent to you. Thank you for your patience.

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Exhibitor Registration

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Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests must be received in writing to: ChABSA, 12458 Petrillo Drive, Highland, MD 20777 or email crab@chabsa.org, by midnight 45 days prior to the event. These cancelations will be subject to a $50 assessment. There will be no refunds within 44 days of the event. Sorry we cannot accept cancellations over the phone. We reserve the right to change reservations. The conference and its organizers cannot be held responsible for the safety and security of exhibitor property left on the conference premises. Exhibitors are expected to maintain insurance of their own property as the conference will not be providing such coverage.
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You may select as many booths as you want by clicking on the booths you would like. You can de-select a booth by clicking on it a second time.

Table 1 - NuAire, Inc. Table 2 - NBBTP Table 3 Table 4 - Saf-T-Pak Table 5 - SteraMist by TOMI Table 6 - B&V Testing/Certco a Cantel Service Table 7 Table 8 - Foxspire, LLC Table 9 Table 10 - Progressive Recovery Table 11 - Triumvirate Environmental Inc. Table 12 - Allentown, Inc. Table 13 - ABC ACTINI LLC Table 14 - STERIS/CECS Table 15 - P&R Enterprises Table 16 - Environmental Management Services, Inc.
  • Table 1: NuAire, Inc.
  • Table 2: NBBTP
  • Table 3:
  • Table 4: Saf-T-Pak
  • Table 5: SteraMist by TOMI
  • Table 6: B&V Testing/Certco a Cantel Service
  • Table 7:
  • Table 8: Foxspire, LLC
  • Table 9:
  • Table 10: Progressive Recovery
  • Table 11: Triumvirate Environmental Inc.
  • Table 12: Allentown, Inc.
  • Table 13: ABC ACTINI LLC
  • Table 14: STERIS/CECS
  • Table 15: P&R Enterprises
  • Table 16: Environmental Management Services, Inc.