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ChABSA Office

Major Responsibilities

Past President

Vendors/Sponsors for Symposium;

Chair, Nominations Committee


Oversight and Outreach

President Elect

Order Awards for Symposium;

Assist Councilor in 3rd Year


Minutes; Action Item Tracking



Monthly Reports to Council;

Annual Report for Symposium


Website Maintenance;

Manage Accounts and Online Registrations

Councilor in 1st Year

Chair, Technical Seminar Committee;

Chair, Scientific Program Committee for Symposium

Councilor in 2nd Year

Chair, Scientific Symposium Committee;

Assist Councilor in 1st Year

Councilor in 3rd Year

Chair, Pre-Symposium Course Committee;

Assist Councilor in 2nd Year

1-Year Councilor

Assist other 3-year Councilors;

Engage in existing/proposed/new initiatives based on interest and experience.  

Volunteer Opportunities:

Scientific Symposium Committee, Pre-Symposium Course Committee

              Identify speakers for conference and pre-conference workshops. Assist with venue selection.

Nomination Committee

              Identify and recruit volunteers for committees and board member positions.

Technical Seminar Committee

Help select topics and reach out to potential speakers, suggest meeting locations and menus.

Welcoming Committee    

Greet new members and guests, introduce new members to officers, encourage participation in committees.


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