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ChABSA Technical Seminar Announcement

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Ted Traum of World BioHazTec.

Will present on:

“BL-2 and BL-3 Primary Equipment”




Mr. Traum is a known expert in all biosafety level design.  During this technical seminar, he will review primary barriers for employee protection in BL-2 and BL-3 laboratories.


A primary barrier is a physical barrier between the worker and/or the environment and hazardous material. Be it a laboratory, a shop or at home we need to be cognizant of hazards and, by risk assessment, determine how to reduce the risk. This presentation provides a user’s perspective on primary barriers. “Safety first” not “safety third” will be discussed. There is the responsibility of the provider and user for ensuring primary barriers are effective. As the barriers are presented key points will be identified to demonstrate how barriers are knowingly and unknowingly compromised. Primary barriers range from a basic laboratory coat to a biological safety cabinet (BSC) to sharps containers to centrifuges. This presentation addresses some of the more common primary containment devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) and a variety of equipment?associated hazards.



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DATE:        January 14, 2021


WHERE:   Virtual platform (GoToWebinar)


TIME:         6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Eastern


COST:       Free (on-line registration only) for ChABSA members.

Mr. Theodore (Ted) Traum has over thirty years of experience as a mechanical engineer, industrial engineer and project manager with a focus in high and maximum containment laboratories (BSL-3 and BSL-4), biomedical facilities, hospitals and research facilities.  In this role, he consults with clients and oversees laboratory planning, programming, commissioning, validation and third-party certification activities for significant Biocontainment, Laboratory, Vivarium, Safety and Healthcare projects.  He has led a wide range of projects covering regulatory development, standard development, enforcement investigations, targeting, data management and information technology. His work spans both mobile and stationary sources, including laboratories, pilot plants, hospitals, and oil and gas producers.



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